Casey Byrne

Casey grew up, like seemingly more and more children these days, a picky eater. It wasn’t until his Uncle William began cooking for, and taking Casey out to eat that his love and appreciation of food, and as a result, wine, was fashioned. This love of food and wine was honed on annual trips to Colorado to visit his uncle William. Growing up in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, Casey was surrounded by wineries. He worked at a wine bar throughout college, learning about wines from around the world. After graduating with a degree in physics, Casey was preparing for graduate school when William flew Casey to Oregon to help with the 2013 harvest. The pair worked tirelessly, both in the vineyards, and the winery, paying extra care to removing rotted fruit from the vineyards. It was that year Casey really caught the wine bug and he has been back working harvest for True Story every year since. The hands-on fieldwork, in conjunction with hard science, is really what has drawn Casey into the field, literally and figuratively.  He traveled to New Zealand and worked the harvest at Mt. Difficulty in the spring of 2017 to further his wine knowledge.

The only grapes William knew about growing up in Meridian, Mississippi were muscadine and the only ‘wine’ was the Welch’s they served at his church’s communion. With a father who owned Chunky Scholls Fish camp and a favorite Aunt Mary who had restaurants in Baltimore, the food service industry was in William's blood. His love of restaurants continued to grow while working his way through college, and was refined with a move to Vail, Colorado, and then to Boulder, one of the foodiest cities in the country. All of this time working in fine dining led to a love of wine and a transition to the wine industry. For the last 25 years, William has worked for one of the top distributors in the country, working his way from salesperson to specialist. This has granted him the opportunity to travel the world to visit and meet some of the greatest winemakers. One the most influential of these trips was to Pinot Camp in Orego,n where the top winemakers in the state were in attendance. These experiences have certainly been a driving force behind the development of True Story and are a large reason we are where we are today.

William Snowden

Eric Hamacher

Eric Hamacher was born in and raised around Carmel, California. His youthful work in the restaurants of the area introduced him to great wine, specifically Burgundy. Although Eric never intended to enter the winemaking business, he was drawn from studies in biochemistry to wine chemistry (enology). By the time he graduated from UC Davis in 1988, he already had worked four harvests and the die had been cast. It was clear that pinot noir would be his passion and Oregon was the Promised Land! He worked in wine production around the globe finishing with the wine making position at Etude in Napa and completed his pilgrimage with his move to the Willamette Valley. He moved north and opened Hamacher Wines in 1995 with the focus on making elegant, complete wine. Eric and Luisa live on a forty-acre farm with their four kids and an ever-increasing menagerie of farm animals.