Lazy River

Owners Ned and Kirsten Lumpkin planted their Lazy River Vineyard in the fall of 1999 and marked their first harvest in 2002.

Located just three miles north of Yamhill, the site features 146 acres, 31 of which are planted with pinot noir and a small patch of pinot gris and riesling.

Lazy River Vineyards has a site elevation ranging from 250 to 425 feet, and features an ideal north/south exposure, with a little twist to the west.

The vineyard is located on a bench of Jory soil, common near Dundee but rare in the Yamhill-Carlton District.  The soil is extremely deep and rich. At the foot of the hill, a creek can be found that rambles through a lush and beautiful meadow.

  • Owners: Ned and Kirsten Lumpkin

  • Location: Yamhill-Carlton District

  • Year Planted: 1999

  • Acres Planted: 31

  • Varietals: Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris

  • Farming Practices: Sustainable

The family owned Bayliss-Bower Vineyard  has been owned since 1906 and was first planted in 2000. The 15.27 acre plot represents just a small portion of the 234 acres the family has planted in Yamhill-Carlton.

The planted clones are Pommard, Wadenswil and Dijon, 777, 114 and 115. The rolling hills make for an ideal vineyard location. The sedimentary Willakenzie soils provide an ideal growing base for the vines. All of the grapes in this vineyard are pinot noir.

  • Owners: Ghost Hill Cellars

  • Location: Yamhill-Carlton District

  • Year Planted: 2000

  • Acres Planted: 15.27

  • Varietals: Pinot Noir

  • Farming Practices: LIVE certified

Bayliss-Bower Ghost Hill


  • Owners: Elk Cove

  • Location: Yamhill-Carlton District

  • Year Planted: 1974

  • Acres Planted: 20.19

  • Varietals: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Muscat

  • Farming Practices: Organic

Located in Banks, Oregon the Windhill Vineyard is one of the oldest in the Northern Willamette Valley. South-facing slopes and Laurelwood soil bring many important characteristics to our wine. The Pommard and Dijon 115 clones have been farmed organically since 1999, three years after Elk Cove purchased the property from the Reese family. Like the Mt. Richmond Vineyard, Windhill is also used by Elk Cove for a single vineyard wine and we are delighted to have such great fruit as a part of our story. 


Mt. Richmond

  • Owners: Elk Cove

  • Location: Yamhill-Carlton District

  • Year Planted: Varied

  • Acres Planted:114.63

  • Varietals: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay

  • Farming Practices: LIVE certified

Located between 300 and 500 feet above the valley floor and having an almost 9% slope Mt. Richmond Vineyard consistently provides us with top quality fruit. Like Ghost Hill, Mount Richmond is composed primarily of sedimentary Willakenzie soils. The vineyard is the largest of Elk Cove's totaling 105 acres and provides the fruit for one of their highly regarded, single vineyard wines. The vineyard was selected and planted to emulate the esteemed Roosevelt Vineyard. This meant high density format for planting, as well as using some clones from the Roosevelt vineyard. The Vineyard is composed of equal parts Dijon 115 and 777.